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Lao Yu Su 108 by avancna
by avancna

Here's the first of probably several critiques. You've got such a great, expansive portfolio that one critique really wouldn't do the w...

mammals 3 by Nesihonsu

My favorite parts of this piece are the textures of the animals' hair. All those crinkled lines make a pleasing contrast with the soft,...

bluejay 1 by tobysq
by tobysq

I always enjoy photos that tell a story. Old, used human goods are great for evoking that sense of background. Especially when they're ...

Leucochloridium-infected Snail by Banvivirie

I think my favorite part about this piece is that you've placed the parasite in an actual environment, instead of just drawing it by it...


Georgia Robot Stalks by NocturnalSea
Georgia Robot Stalks
Another apparently robotic alien from my blog post on the Falkville Metal Man:…

Yet another strange encounter with mechanical aliens occurred in 1951 over the skies of Georgia. Pilot Fred Reagan was flying his plane when he was sucked upwards by an unknown force and crashed into a lozenge-shaped UFO. Reagan immediately found himself teleported inside the craft, where he was met by three foot tall metal aliens that he described as looking like asparagus stalks.
The beings apologized for the crash and gave him a medical exam to make sure he was not injured.  During the procedure, so Reagan claims, they found cancer within his body and removed it as an apology for the trouble they had caused. The robots then deposited him safely in a field next to the wreckage of his plane. On an unnerving side note, Reagan died less than a year later due to brain tissue damage which was believed to have been caused by exposure to high levels of radiation.

This variety of unusual robotic beings raises some interesting speculative questions. Is each type sent out by a different alien species? Or is it possible that there is just one investigating alien species and each variety of robot is simply a different design used for a specific purposes that the humans do not comprehend?

Prospect Monolith Robots- Kentucky by NocturnalSea
Prospect Monolith Robots- Kentucky
Another apparently robotic alien from my blog entry on the Falkville Metal Man:…
Another 1977 encounter with apparently robotic beings occurred in Prospect, Kentucky. While driving home one night Lee Parish spotted a rectangular craft hovering in the sky. When he finally arrived home he discovered a half hour gap missing from his memory. Under hypnosis Parish recalled being brought aboard the strange craft where he was confronted by three blocky, mechanical creatures. The largest being resembled a “tombstone” and had a single jointed arm jutting out of it. Another, shorter being was pure white with a rough “head” and arms that did not move. Though the beings never spoke, Parish got the impression that this one was somehow the leader. The smallest being was bright red and had a single, unjointed limb projecting from it.

The red and black machine-creatures examined Parish (the black one apparently causing a painful cold, burning feeling when it’s limb contacted him) while the white being observed. Once the machines were done with their examination they merged with one another and vanished, at which point Parish was returned to his car.
Paciencia Barstool Alien- Brazil by NocturnalSea
Paciencia Barstool Alien- Brazil
An additional alien robot probe from my blog post on the Falkville Metal Man:…

In 1977, Antonia La Rubia of Paciencia, Brazil reported being abducted on his way to work by beings with metallic scales and tentacle-like arms. Each entity stood upon a single leg with a flared base that La Rubia described as looking like the base of a barstool. Each creature also carried a belt of syringe-like instruments. One of the beings used a syringe to zap La Rubia with a blue light and carry him into a waiting space ship. Inside, the robots used a piano-like device to show him a series of images, some of them depicting himself being examined by blue lights from their instruments (though La Rubia’s account makes no mention of him actually being examined. Perhaps those memories were removed by the robots?).  They also drew some of his blood before returning him to Earth.
Falkville Metal Man- Alabama by NocturnalSea
Falkville Metal Man- Alabama
Read the original blog post here:…

On the evening of October 17, 1973, Falkville Alabama chief of police Jeff Greenhaw received a call from an anonymous woman claiming she had seen a UFO sail over her house and land in a nearby field. Though hesitant to go out when he was already off duty, Chief Greenhaw got in his car to have a look. When he arrived at the field no UFO could be found, so he decided to drive around the area to see if there was anything in the area.

While cruising down a dirt path, Greenhaw spotted a person standing on the side of the road. Thinking it might be someone in need of help, he got out and approached the figure. Up close, however, he discovered that the being was completely covered by some sort of metallic outfit. To quote Greenshaw himself:

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together... He was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass. Different angles give different lighting.... When I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Thinking quickly, Greenshaw ran back to his truck, grabbed his camera and snapped several photographs of the creature before it ran off into the night at speeds supposedly faster than a normal human could go.

It’s pretty clear from the photos, however, that the “alien” is nothing more than someone in a metallic asbestos or radiation suit. It is worth noting that this sighting came only a few days after the more famous alien encounter along the Pascagoula River in Mississippi detailed in the previous entry. Perhaps this “encounter” was staged in an attempt to ride on the fame of the mummy-robot story.

The question, though, is whether Greenshaw was in on the hoax or just an innocent bystander.  If the former, his participation in the events brought him nothing but misfortune. His report on the encounter was widely ridiculed and eventually led to his job as chief of police being terminated. Whether or not Greenshaw knew the being was just a prank, that ending seems rather harsh.
Let’s imagine for a moment, though, that the Metal Man actually WAS a genuine extraterrestrial (or perhaps extradimensional) entity. Could the metallic exterior have been a space suit for an entity that was not used to Earth’s atmosphere? Or is the creature’s similarity to the Pascagoula mummy-robots more than superficial? Could it also have been some sort of synthetic being? Perhaps a slightly different model of the Pascagoula creatures? Maybe it was a probe sent out to explore an environment its creators could not? Greenshaw  does describe the being as having stiff, robot-like movements.
Canvey Island Monster- England by NocturnalSea
Canvey Island Monster- England

Read the original blog post here:…

In 1953, the carcass of a strange, amphibious monster washed up on the beach at Canvey Island, England.  The monster was said to have an enormous mouth lined with hundreds of small, sharp teeth, as well as a pair of muscular back legs, but no apparent front limbs.

 Though it’s claimed that scientists who examined the carcass could not identify it, photographs of the corpse clearly show that it was nothing more than a partially decomposed Goosefish Lophius piscatorius.  Like their frogfish relatives, goosefish have fleshy, arm-like pectoral fins which they used to move slowly over the muddy sea floor.

But let’s take the speculative fiction route and imagine that the Canvey Island Monster was something more? What if it, too, was of the same bizarre amphibious fish species as the Enfield Horror? Or perhaps a close relative, since it lacked the stubby arms derived from the pectoral fins. Perhaps it was specialized for moving about in the shallows while it’s Illinois relative was a more terrestrial lineage?

Intriguingly, there are a few (admittedly fictional) accounts of goosefish crawling on land. The Stratford News of Connecticut mentioned an incident on July 18, 1909 in which lighthouse keeper Theodore Judson of Lordship, CT killed a large goosefish that had repeatedly hauled itself out of the sea at night to raid his chicken coop. An earlier article from 1906 mentions a man, also from Lordship, finding a large, wide-mouthed fish-- clearly a goosefish, even from the sparse description in the paper- crawling on the shore rocks with a pair of stubby feet. While both accounts are more than likely just tall tales created to drum up newspaper sales, it’s entertaining to imagine that perhaps these land-walking anglerfish were actually live versions of the Canvey Island carcass.


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My Great Race of Yith and Tsukumogami designs are now available on my shirt website! Check 'em out!……


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John Meszaros
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
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I'm a marine and wildlife artist based primarily out of Connecticut, but sometimes also out of Tennessee and Florida (I travel with my wife for her aerospace job). Even though my pieces are pretty stylized, I do a lot of research to try to make them scientifically accurate.
I have matted prints for sale on my website, so check it out! I'm also available for commission at reasonable prices.
Most of my stuff is also available on t-shirts from my company Nocturnal Sea Printing. E-mail me if you're interested in seeing anything on apparel.

My Facebook page: Nocturnal-Sea-Biology-Art-by-John-Meszaros

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Xhodocto385 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 27, 2015
i love you incredible art of lesser known creatures of the cambrian and maybe the ediacaran period, and your speculative aliens too, have you thought on drawing lesser known cryptids or lesser known alleged aliens like the Paciencia Abductors?
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I'm glad you like my work. It's always great to hear people enjoy what I do :)

And yes, I am totally going to do some lesser known cryptids/aliens soon. I've actually been considering adding the Paciencia Abductors to my holiday cryptid cards.

Right now I'm actually working on drawings of some fairly obscure cryptids like the Van Meter Visitor, the Lake Elizabeth 12-winged Alligator, The Oklahoma Octopus, the Berkeley Square Horror, the Snallygaster, the Solid Muldoon and others.
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